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Etai Rahmil, of Pure Over, on using organic relationships to build product support

I enjoyed interviewing Etai Rahmil, Founder & CEO of Pure Over, a company manufacturing all-glass coffee makers. Unlike conventional pour-over coffee makers, Pure Over’s products do not require the use of disposable paper filters.

We discuss Pure Over’s origin story, its marketing positioning, and its efforts to build organic online support for the product. As Etai observes, “We’ve developed amazing relationships, organic relationships that don’t want to get paid by us to say talking points, they partner with us, and they spread Pure Over knowledge because they genuinely love it. And so that has been a huge part of the reason why we’ve been able to get the product out to so many people. We’re in over 16,000 homes currently. And we can directly attribute that to word of mouth and, you know, letting people know, on Tik Tok, that the people that they trust in coffee, trust Pure Over.”

We discuss the sustainability benefits of using paperless coffee makers. As Etai notes, “Even if you’re using a recycled paper filter, most people are not composting, which results in like 750 million paper filters being discarded and ending up in the landfill every day. That’s 1.5 million trees a year just to create paper filters. That’s just the U.S.”

We converse about Pure Over’s plans for additions to its product lines, and future marketing plans. As Etai notes, “Taking a deep dive into digital ads is going to be huge. But not only that, I think it’s doing more on-the-ground event sponsorships and leaning into collaborations. I think in the last couple of years, just getting a hold of the logistics of the business was super important. And now that we’re really feeling comfortable in that area, I can start, you know, doing some of the fun brand and artist collaborations to just get our word out, get our products out in new ways to new audiences that wouldn’t have found us in our traditional marketing as of right now. So collaborations are super-exciting and we have some in the works. Some have taken a little bit longer to come to fruition as we’ve been focusing on the not-as-fun stuff like supply chain and logistics. But now we have a good hold on them so that some of these other more fun aspects can come to life.”


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