Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Competitors and Community, Stew Leonard, the Wegmans and more

I smiled when I read the latest blog post from Stew Jr at Stew Leonard’s.  His dad Stew Leonard Senior had passed away recently and he recounts that “Danny Wegman and his daughter Colleen called me to give their condolences.”

That post and Stew’s visits to “competitors” Citarella & Butterfields In NYC where he had collegial conversations underscore that within every industry there is room for a lot of leaders and bands.

Competitors can be friendly and still compete just as teams and players in sports are collegial.

The Midjourney image outputs for the attempt for me to: “Danny Wegman and Stew Leonard senior smiling, relaxing on a park bench in NYC Central Park in the spring. photorealistic –s 750” are odd. What’s with the hats? And clothing choices…



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