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Trump’s to use Twitter to drive Truth Social? Return in Two Stages

Can Donald Trump resist the temptation to move as many of his millions of followers from Twitter to Truth Social? I don’t’ think so. He’ll use the “votes” he got from Elon’s poll as an excuse that his fans want him back.

Trump’s Twitter profile went live again yesterday (it’s 1:20PM on November 20th at the moment).

The profile handle went live in two stages:

The profile launched with zero followers, but Elon made the re-activation public

shortly after launch

New followers swarmed onto follower count. Note the surge to 969K

more followers

Previous followers were re-attached to theĀ realDonaldTrump handle

new followers

Clearly Trump hasn’t tweeted since being reactivated as of 1:24AM eastern time on November 20th 2022.

While Trump was reported to have said “I don’t see any reason for it,” by Reuters, I expect him back and I expect him to cross reference posts on @TruthSocial. By doing that he drives followers there and increases reach slightly (mostly duplication) but more importantly brings his audience over to the Twitter competitor. I expect the more edgy posts to be on TruthSocial but alluded to with Twitter posts that adhere to the guidelines.

1:39 AM Eastern Time 11/20/2022 Still not at the 88 million followers Trump had at the time of suspension.

9 AM Eastern time 11/20/2022 Followers at 83 Million (nearly back to pre-ban).




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