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DTC Marketing – The Particle Ad Assault Continues, Neck-Edition + Listicle

We can learn a lot from brands that are advertising heavily in direct response. The reason they are advertising heavily is that the advertising is working.

A few weeks back I wrote a commentary on Particle’s imagery.  They continue to hit me with ads, in particular through LiveIntent.


Today’s ad continues the “shirtless theme” of the first ad. I’d guessing research shows that partial nudity is an interruptive trigger.

The ad then brings the interested clicker to:

The landing page is a listicle with an exit modal offering a risk-free trial (standard direct response). However, for an additional layer, they have chosen a listicle style sales letter AND a survey hook.  Quite the assortment of tactics to reduce bounce rate.


If I choose the offer deets. I get a sales page with an additional immediate discount modal.


Store is a Woo-Commerce (WordPress) ecommerce. Cart has a countdown clock.

In the meantime a trained consumer checks their email to look for the coupon code.

They get the code and a countdown clock (I’m dubious that the code actually expires LOL)


Add to cart for popular package DEFAULTs to three units.  Cleaver way to bring AOV up.

I’m guessing that if I check out with items in the backet I’ll be upsold to a subscription.

This concludes today’s direct response digital advertising lesson. All the best lessons from the informercials in a digital execution.


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