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NFTs and the future of digital collectibles – Jeremy Padawer of Jazwares

Toys have been collectable practically forever, eBay initially claimed it started around Pez dispensers (and later admitted it just made for a great story). Some brands have incredible collectable markets and some digital brands make their virtual good scarce, even pre-NFT.

That’s why I was so excited to talk to Jeremy Padawer, Chief Brand Officer at Jazwares. Jeremy is a toy industry veteran with deep expertise in brand development across multiple toy categories including collectibles, as well as an experienced executive in e-commerce and animated content. In this interview, Jeremy and I discuss how Jazwares is approaching digital collectibles and NFTs.

Jeremy makes some great points about scarcity and perceived value that relate across the physical toy world and into the virtual world of NFTs. Many brands can and should learn from the toy marketers who tap into passion in many ways.

The full interview is chock-filled with entertaining conversations about Jazware’s history and marketing strategy, how Jazwares uses influencers, how Jazwares “choreographs” its product launches, how tribes and communities exist and can be leveraged by marketers and how best to tune a campaign based on the audience.


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