Christie Currie, reAlpha – Inform Strategy w/ Customer Feedback

Christine Currie

Startups move fast. One fast-moving startup is reAlpha, which empowers investors to participate in the short-term rental market through fractional property ownership. This startup is also unique from a marketing challenge perspective, because as a startup raising funding for itself using “Reg A” (Regulation A) model, while simultaneously offering investors the opportunity to invest in fractional shares of specific rental properties identified by their AI-driven technology.

I had an opportunity to chat with Christie Currie the Chief Marketing Officer at reAlpha about how she informs her two-pronged customer/investor acquisition strategy with customer feedback. Many of the same investors who would be interested in a fractional vacation property are also interested in investing in the company that fractionalizes and manages the properties. Christie discusses how her strategy is informed by feedback from her best customer/investors.

In the full interview we covered several other business and marketing topics, including how reAlpha goes about finding customers and “superfans,” which marketing channels are being used by the company.