Stirista’s Vincent Pietrafesa on budgeting best practices for segmentation marketing

Vincent Pietrafesa

In this segment, I talk with Vincent Pietrafesa, VP of B2B Products & Partnerships and co/host of The Marketing Stir Podcast at Stirista, a digital marketing firm that specializes in B2B and B2C segmentation, email marketing, and display advertising. In this segment, Vincent discusses budgeting best practices for marketers using segmentation, how Stirista’s clients approach the issue, how goals and expectations need to be correctly set before proceeding, how data sharing with a trusted partner encourages the chance of success.

Don’t miss the full interview where Vincent and I discuss how the Pandemic and WFH has changed BtoB targeting and how smart marketers are finding and targeting their BtoB prospects and customers when those people are at home.

Vincent also discuss the importance of data in today’s marketing environment, Stirista’s solution set, the need for B2B marketing to get more personalized, as well as Stirista’s experience running The Marketing Stir podcast.  We also get into other issues germane to B2B and B2C digital marketing, driven by data.