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Jeff Hoffman: The importance of hiring the best people

Some business people think of and treat employees as interchangeable, a commodity. Big Mistake!

In marketing, in particular, the difference between an average employee and a top-performing employee is often stunning.

In this podcast, I interview Jeff Hoffman, CEO and serial/parallel entrepreneur. Jeff has been the founder of multiple startups and has been the CEO of both public and private companies, as well as serving as a senior executive in many capacities. In this segment, Kevin and Jeff discuss the critical importance of hiring the best people for any marketing project, and beyond marketing with a particular focus on key roles.

In the full-length podcast, Jeff and I discuss many other best practices in marketing, digital marketing strategy, channel selection, targeting and narrowcasting, and the role of messaging. We also discuss Jeff’s focus on nonprofit investment thesis in one of his more recent travel investments, Elude.

We also discussed his upcoming TV show “Going Public” where the audience participates in investing in the companies via crowdfunding.


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