Friday, March 1, 2024
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FTD’s Taryn Rayment on “blowing up” pre-pandemic media plans

Sometimes it takes a major catalyst to be the wake-up call to marketers that their media plans and marketing plans need top-down review.

That’s one of the topics I discussed with Taryn Rayment, CMO at FTD. Prior to joining FTD, she held leadership positions at Cole Haan, running all retention and acquisition marketing efforts, and Tumi, managing digital marketing and analytics. Taryn and I discuss how the pandemic has caused many marketers to “blow up” their old media plans to take account of major changes in consumer behavior, and how FTD is adapting to this new environment.

In the full length podcast, Taryn and I discuss digital marketing, how FTD is changing its digital marketing, how the pandemic has changed consumer behavior, and new digital channels used by FTD to broaden awareness and deepen engagement with consumers and partners.

We also discussed social media and influencer marketing, as well as how important it is to break into new segments.

I also shared that I prefer potted plants to cut flowers and I learned that apparently, I’m not alone. There is an entire segment who prefer living plants as well as the DIY crew who like to plant bulbs.


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