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Who Should “Own” DCO / Creative Optimization – Oli Marlow of Ad-Lib Shares Best Practices

In all forms of traditional media the agency’s creative director, the brand manager, or some combination of client-side and agency-side creative thinkers own the creative message. The next generation of DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) platforms for the digital ecosystem are being built. So, I asked Oli Marlow of Ad-Lib how his platform empowers marketers to optimize ad creative based on data.

Another really fun topic Oli and I discussed was predicting creative success and how good humans are at aligning creative with brand strategy.

Oli asked me my opinion on who within the agency and client ecosystem would be most excited about dynamic creative optimization at the level which Ad-Lib provides, so we started the conversation based on my thoughts around improved creative as leverage.

There was a lot more to cover, including Oli commenting on how Walmart’s recent acquisition of Thunder validated the DCO ecosystem for eCommerce in particular.  We also discussed targeting in the post-cookie era and creative optimization within the walled gardens of Facebook.  The full interview is below:

Or you can see additional snackable segments of this interview on the eMA YouTube channel.



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