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Does Market Research Have a Positive ROI? Maria Vorovich & Holland Martini from GOODQUES share their thoughts

I wanted to answer the question about the ROI of primary market research.

Marketers have a hard enough time demonstrating positive ROI from many forms of paid media and in particular for earned media such as PR and SEO. Market research budgeting within marketing departments sometimes suffers a similar fate. The ROI of the research is called into question.

However, well conducted research can improve messaging allow for the development of better creative and empower brands to talk to their customers in the right voice. It ends up that market research can often have a positive ROI.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Maria Vorovich and Holland Martini GOODQUES about the value of research in terms of informing better advertising and providing a framework for brands to better listen to consumers.

The full interview is below:


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