Wednesday, July 10, 2024
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Public Relations Professionals – Common Mistakes – Gregory Galant’s POV

Earned media and PR remain powerful elements of an overall marketing campaign, and with the addition of SEO value, PR is even more powerful.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Gregory Galant, founder of MuckRack, one of the most innovative PR platforms for both PR professionals and journalists.

One of the topics Greg and I covered is mistakes that PR pros make.

The full interview is well worth your time as well… It was certainly worth my time.

In the remainder of the interview other great topics included:

  • thinking like a journalist
  • the evolution of the press release
  • Gregory Galant on whether it’s ever OK to call a journalist you’re pitching
  • working with influencers (including remembering that they aren’t exclusively paid pitch-people, they have editorial needs)


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