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Are Content Hubs An Overlooked SEO Strategy? –

It’s always great to catch up with fellow SEO enthusiasts.

I had the pleasure of discussing a bunch of SEO topics with Joseph Franklyn McElroy who runs Galileo Tech Media and has had years of experience with content-heavy categories including travel.

Joseph reminds content marketers and SEOs that structuring content in a “content-hub” instead of a pyramidal shape may be the optimal strategy for many types of sites.

In the full interview (below), Joseph and I also discussed the importance of investing NOW for the type of content you’ll need to rank for in the future if your industry is in a downturn. For example, in the travel industry, the US travel market will be dominated by staycations for the next year or more. If you can service the staycation market as a lodging or destination site, then now is the time to invest in SEO and content creation.

We also discussed how to pitch content and SEO to senior management, given that the ROI from SEO can be considerable, but delayed.

Here’s the full interview.


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