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Is Social Commerce in it’s Infancy? Milton Pappas on Social Commerce

Milton Pappas, (currently at and I had a conversation recently on all the forms of digital marketing and how they combine to form a holistic marketing and media plan. When I asked Milton about what he is most excited about Milton opined on Social Commerce.

Milton has been at the helm of digital marketing for many major brands, including: Hudson Bay Company, New York and Company, Nine West, Toys”R”Us, Redcats/Full Beauty, and Reader’s Digest. He also has been active in for many years. That’s why its great to brainstorm with him and tap his wisdom.

Social media may feel like the wild west these days and yet there is still a significant opportunity to realize the promise of “community” and everything community tells us about community, the preferences of the members of each community, and their interest in purchase.

Milton and I also discussed the challenges marketers face in a world of ever-increasing velocity of change both with regard to marketing channels and tactics, but also consumer behavior and preference.

The full interview is available here.


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