Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Eric Schurenberg – Perils of Short-Term Corporate Thinking

Business people have to watch themselves not to get caught up in short-term thinking.

In my conversation with Eric Schurenberg, CEO of Mansueto Ventures, home of Inc. and Fast Company, he discussed the Perils of Short-Term Corporate Thinking with regard to the business on a whole. The same lesson holds true for marketing investments.

Eric has been reporting on business and finance or running organizations that cover that category for over 20-years. He’s seen it all, from every angle.

Below is the segment on short-term thinking.

In the full article, Eric and I discuss many other topics pertinent to senior-level marketers, C-Suite executives, and entrepreneurs. Topics include:

  • the role of government in creative business-friendly environments
  • the future of events in marketing, and the transition to virtual and back to hybrid events
  • how the US could use foreign tech workers to drive economic growth


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