Friday, May 24, 2024
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Jeanniey Walden on Omni-Channel Marketing Mix and Shiny Objects

Getting the marketing mix right is key to every business. I had the pleasure of catching up with Jeanniey Walden the CMO of DailyPay, a BtoBtoE (E is employees) business/platform that makes cash more easily available to employees of companies that use the platform. Jeanniey has previously run marketing for a variety of consumer and business brands including Mercer and the NOOK by Barnes and Noble.

One of the topics we talked about is the flexibility that larger brands have in testing a variety of new channels, strategies and tactics. For any Omni-Channel marketer, the choreography of a marketing plan can be quite varied. Until you test a diversity of combinations you won’t know what works, so keep testing.

The full interview is available as well.

We discussed a broad set of strategic and tactical best practices. I recommend you watch the full interview, as Jeanniey shared several pearls of wisdom.


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