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Matt Blumberg’s startup, Bolster Delivers Fractional and Interim Execs

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, it was already clear to Matt Blumberg and his co-founders at Bolster that there was a shortage of high-end, experienced, vetted senior talent, particularly for startups.

The regular headhunter solution to fractional and interim executive placements doesn’t really meet the need. So Matt started Bolster. I took the opportunity of his launch announcement to catch up with Matt and learn more about Bolster. If you’ve been active in email marketing over the last twenty years, you’ll know Matt as the founder of Return Path, which provided a critical element of email validation to the email marketing community. Matt’s new venture is a result of all the unfilled needs he’s observed over the years, as an investor, advisor and mentor.

My favorite part of the conversation was where we discussed the current spike in need for seasoned talent based on the economic turbulence.

The full interview is available here:


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