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Jon Cross, of All in One Email, on email marketing best practices for 2024

Jon Cross runs All in One Email, a Kansas-based company whose email platform combines multiple email marketing functions, including email automation, into a single, powerful, easy to use platform. As Jon explains in our interview, he built All in One Email after operating several email marketing companies and becoming intimately familiar with the limitations of existing email platforms.

Jon and I address the fact that despite the claims by some that “email is dead,” it remains a vital, enormously powerful marketing channel, especially in an era in which 3rd-party cookies have been deprecated as a targeting mechanism. I am grateful to Jon for consenting to an interview with the eMarketing Association. Here we discuss best practices for using email today tackle related topics likely to be of interest to anyone doing email marketing campaigns today. These topics include:

  • How email deliverability is being impacted by recent changes made by Google, Yahoo, and other email inbox providers.
  • Proper email hygiene practices, such as purging non-openers and clickers after 30 days.
  • Deliverability issues related to “cold” B2B email marketing campaigns, often caused by the fact that many corporate domains now have sophisticated filtering systems that can catch emails from unknown senders.
  • 3rd party tools that can be useful for improving email deliverability by scoring subject lines and identifying spammy keywords.
  • How email can be used in conjunction with SMS to enhance its effectiveness.
  • The potential for hyper personalization in email marketing.
  • The critical importance of list segmentation based on engagement levels.
  • The need for emailers to centralize the unsubscribe process through APIs in order to be efficient and avoid manual data entry.
  • The current status of the practice of email co-registration.
  • How AI can help with planning the timing and cadence of emails.


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