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Des Cahill of Tipalti, on automating high-volume global payments

Des Cahill is CMO at Tipalti, a company helping companies grow by making worldwide payments easier. Today, Tipalti is being used by a number of big brands, including Twitch, Roblox, and Canva, that process a high volume of global transactions.

Des and I chat about how the potential market for Tipalti, given that a minority of global companies are now using any kind of automation in their A/P and A/R processes and how it’s useful in terms of onboarding freelancers, eliminating fraud and tax liability issues, working with multiple currencies, and otherwise improving payment processing efficiencies.

We discuss Tipalti’s own marketing efforts and channel philosophy. As Des observes, “There are no magic channels. Because if a magic channel appears, it’s transitive, because other marketers are going to discover that advantage and bid up the cost. I think we can always as marketers do a better job within channels and be smarter because every channel is diminishing marginal return. And every channel is addressing a different part of the funnel and the buying journey.”

We chat about Tipalti’s use of influencer marketing, testimonials, and content, and then turn to the subject of AI. Tipalti is partnering with OpenAI to introduce AI into its system and Des is bullish about how incorporating generative AI will allow finance professionals to query the system using plain language to extract the financial intelligence they need.


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