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Jessica Storry, of Stockpress, on making file sharing and collaboration easier

In today’s increasingly collaborative digital workplace, where remote and office-bound workers routinely share files on a variety of different digital platforms, including Google Drive, Sharepoint, Box, DropBox, and others, it’s still too difficult for teams to find the files they need. The result is wasted time, file duplication, confusion over which file is the “final” version, and an elevated chance of error and file loss.

Jessica Storry is CEO and Co-Founder at Stockpress, a Boston-based technology company whose Digital Asset Management (DAM) software addresses this problem. We discuss Stockpress’ origin story, how the software works, and the features that distinguish it from other DAMs on the market, including the fact that all of its pricing tiers — even its free tier — provide for unlimited users.

Jessica and I trade notes on file management best practices, how the WFH and hybrid office trends have accelerated the need to more easily track and access files, the degree to which DAMs can improve team productivity, and the different types of businesses currently using Stockpress.

Jessica is optimistic about the future for Stockpress, which in 2023 will focus on providing additional integrations to collaboration and file sharing tools already in use in many organizations.

If your teams are struggling with digital file management tasks, I’d suggest you give Stockpress a spin. Its free tier includes 5 GB of storage, AI tagging, easy file import from DropBox, Box, and Google Drive, along with extensive customization options; its paid tiers provide more storage, plus the ability to create branded workplaces.


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