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Amazon Smile Disbursement eMail, March 2023, Bonus Payment

Since many of you know I am closely following Amazon Smile’s shutdown, not only because I run a nonprofit, but because I have the team working on an Amazon Smile Replacement.

Kudos to Amazon for providing a bonus payment along with the Smile sunset.


Your quarterly donation has been deposited.

Dear Charity Administrator,

This email is to notify you that Giving Forward Inc (EIN: 84-2933199) has been issued a $20.81 donation from the AmazonSmile Foundation as a result of AmazonSmile program activity between October 1 and December 31, 2022.

The donation was deposited to your organization’s bank account between February 8 – 11, 2023.

As we shared previously, we discontinued the program on February 20, 2023. We are very proud of the difference that AmazonSmile has made over the past ten years, and we thank you for your support and partnership. Thank you!

We are including additional information below on the last disbursements and what to expect next.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact AmazonSmile Charity Support using this form.

Thank you,
Your AmazonSmile Team

What to Expect Next

• Disbursements: In the upcoming months, eligible charities will receive up to 2 more payments:
o One payment in late April to early May for the funds accrued in Q1 2023 before the AmazonSmile program was discontinued.
o One final bonus payment in May that will be equivalent to an estimated 3 months of payments based on what the charity accrued in 2022.

Please note that eligibility requirements may differ for each payment and are checked at the time of each disbursement so not all charities will receive both payments. We will continue checking good standing with the IRS and other criteria before each disbursement is made.
• Org Central You will still be able to log in to your account and access your charity metrics until the last disbursement is made in May 2023. We recommend downloading your disbursement history and charity list order reports, if applicable, at your earliest convenience. If you need to change or update charity administrator or bank information, please contact Charity Support for assistance to ensure those changes are done properly and do not affect your ability to receive future payments.

• Charity Lists: Charity Lists was part of the AmazonSmile program and it has also been discontinued. As alternatives you can create Wish Lists to continue asking for support from Amazon customers or use Donation Driver, a solution that allows you to curate a shopping list for donors from within your website, contact for more information. You can learn more about creating Wish Lists here.

• AmazonSmile and Charity List Webpages: Starting February 20, 2023, all webpages under the domain no longer exist and are being redirected to the main Amazon website. We recommend you update your website and Social Media pages where AmazonSmile or Charity Lists are mentioned to improve your visitors’ and supporters’ experience.

• Technology Grant Opportunity: Registered 501(c) nonprofit organizations in the United States who are using cloud technology to solve mission and program challenges can apply for the AWS IMAGINE annual grant. Learn more.


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