Thursday, July 11, 2024
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Sara Ajemian, of Rollworks, on the power of ABM marketing

If you’re doing any kind of marketing, prospecting, or business development for your B2B company, you’re probably familiar with ABM (Account-Based Marketing). ABM is a strategic approach to B2B marketing involving the creation of targeted, personalized outreach to specific accounts. After specific companies or organizations likely to be interested in your products or services are identified, researched, and targeted, customized, personalized outreach campaigns are developed to reach and engage them.

Designing and deploying sophisticated ABM campaigns is resource-intensive, but software can make the job a lot easier. Sara Ajemian is Director, Corporate Marketing, at Rollworks, a platform for businesses of varying scale — from startup to enterprise-level — that seek to launch ABM programs. I caught up with Sara for a chat about why ABM marketing has value, how Rollworks’ solutions help marketers interested in deploying ABM programs, and how its customers are currently using these solutions.

Sara and I discuss “the myth of the single decision-maker,” and why it’s a mistake for ABM marketers to fail to create personas targeting multiple decisionmakers/influencers in the organization. We address the fact that should a recession appear in 2023, thus potentially lengthening B2B sales cycles, marketers will need to implement solutions maximizing marketing efficiency. We discuss the value of B2B storytelling and weigh the likelihood that in-person marketing events will enjoy a major resurgence in the next year. We talk about some successful examples of high-touch personalized marketing campaigns that Sara’s conducted that have shown real results, and discuss how reorganizing one’s marketing efforts into an ABM structure can help align sales and marketing teams.



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