Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Example of LinkedIn Lead-Gen ad – CEO Coaching International

I’ve been doing some less than complimentary ad commentaries, but here’s a good one LOL.

I’m a LinkedIn power-user, however, I don’t have the time to watch my feed (I should engage with it more, perhaps in 2023 HA!)

I did see a good example of a lead-gen ad on LinkedIn placed by CEO Coaching International.

lead-genNice hook. (If I ran a PE-funded company, so perhaps targeting is a bit off, but still I am a CEO, so that works)

The ad sows a bit of fear, but also solves the fear with “How Not to Get Fired by Private Equity”.

On-click, the lead gen form is pre-filled, but allows me to change my deets. One question isn’t that onerous (but I’d test it with zero question and hire a lead-cleaning team to append on data from a variety of sources, balancing extra labor with a higher conversion rate)

Nice job Ken.


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