Friday, May 24, 2024
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The Elusive Case Study – Experimenting on Oneself Experiment #1

In Scifi the mad scientist often tries the vaccine, or super-power generating injection on him or herself. But what’s the marketing mad scientist to do?

As a marketing mad scientist constantly inventing new strategies, tactics and platforms sometimes my team and I have not alternative but to experiment on ourselves. Just as the Scifi mad scientist who could never ask anyone else to try something that may be dangerous, I’d never ask a client to try something new if it were unproven unless I took the downside risk (reimbursing them if it doesn’t work).

Experiment #1 is fake followers,  I won’t identify the vendor LOL. That doesn’t feel fair either.

I’ll try one platform at a time… HA!

I’ll be running more experiments and some may turn into case studies.

Stay tuned.


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