Ad Commentary: What do six-pack abs and eyebags have in common?


Hey Marketers!! Do you ever see an ad that isn’t really supposed to be funny and smile anyway?

Today, this ad made me smile because it requires real imagination to tie a dude with six-pack abs and not a wrinkle in sight (unless you count the ridged between his six packs) as the image for Particle‘s products.


I think you can guess why a direct response “Aesthetic Science for Men” might choose that ad image.  The ad ran on LiveIntent and email advertising platform which provides advertisers a variety of targeting filters. Most ads I see from them don’t have marketers using them properly, but does LiveIntent or Particle know something about my winkles or am I just lucky?

Based on Similarweb traffic data, the ads and overall strategy is working:


Unlike most brands, they get most of their traffic via display ads.

UPDATE (later the same day): I got another ad creative. No six-packs, but not a lot of eye-bags or wrinkles either LOL.

ad number 2

Update 11/10/2022 new creative. These must be “after” pics…

particle ad