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Elon and MrBeast. Twitter CPM for creators doesn’t need to match YouTube – Here’s Why

Elon and MrBeast as well as KSI and Marques Brownlee had an interesting conversation on Twitter regarding CPMs/RPMs payable to creators.

What I completely missed from all the commentary is a completely critical element of the yield to creators on Twitter.


Some creators get an insane percentage of retweets from folks with gigantic followings!! The CPM yield to creators if they get paid 100% (or even 50%) of their normal direct CPM impressions credited towards retweets could 10X their impression count, and even an inferior CPM and revshare percentage becomes quite material if the adserver is coded the right way (the way I’d have my team code it).

Twitter if it’s mostly incremental views/impressions needs to get the creators’ attention.

Let’s do the math:

MrBeast does a video and puts it up on YT. Nice $5CPM and 100 million views. $500K in revenue. Hard to beat.

Same video gets tweeted. Let’s assume a 2 million views (given that MrBeast hasn’t focused on Twitter) and $2CPM = $4,000,  Lousy by itself.

WAIT! MrBeast gets retweeted a lot. This one was retweeted 24,000 times. So, the full reach of the 24,000 accounts may result in an incremental 20 million views as some of Mr Beast’s fans are legit with good reach and engagement. (Elon’s team can look it up) That would be an extra $40K in ad revenue. Even at a $2 CPM that’s nice additional gravy (pizza money) LOL.

No need to go full MLM on the revshare LOL, best to only accrue revshare to the original creator in the same way old school radio worked with royalties.

Larger Twitter creators could make some serious cash that way (MrBeast never prioritized Twitter).

Just opining on the best way to rescue Twitter.


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