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Laurel Rossi, of Infillion, on the future of CTV and addressable advertising

Laurel Rossi is CMO of Infillion, a company developing technology solutions that help unify the customer journey for a more personalized approach to advertising, marketing, and operations. I wanted to learn about her company, and get her POV on CTV, addressable advertising, and where the adtech market may be going in 2023 and beyond.

As Laurel mentions, she’s seeing financial services, pharma, and CTV sectors aggressively getting into CTV, with other verticals lagging. This picture will likely change as streaming technology approves and more advertisers begin to appreciate the virtues of addressable advertising.

Laurel and I discuss the value of geo-targeting, what geo-locating patterns can tell the marketer about a user’s behavior, and the degree to which this kind of targeting is being embraced by marketers in an era where privacy concerns are relegating last-touch attribution tracking to the dustbin of history. “I think marketers are just scratching the surface in terms of taking advantage of what location data has to offer,” Laurel notes. “And, more important, really understanding and tracking the attention attached to that.”

We discuss the fact that when consumers are surveyed about privacy concerns, the survey questions are often leading, which creates a skewed view of these concerns. “I think right now you have a very reactive marketplace that’s saying that data privacy is ruling the roost, when in actual fact, seventy percent of consumers would be happy to share more data with you, including more journey data along the way, which we’re capturing, in exchange for higher relevancy, more value, and more deliberate value attribution.”

Our conversation turned to a discussion of the key role played by creativity in terms of breaking through the advertising clutter and how an expanded appreciation of creativity is influencing the development of new ad formats. We chat about mistakes that marketers are currently making with respect to digital creative and whether agencies are set up properly to conduct truly omnichannel campaigns, and the degree to which the emergence of addressable challenges will increase advertiser confidence that bots and fake users are not present in the value exchange.

We also discuss what 2023 may have in store for adtech, Infillion’s new product plans, and also touch upon Infillion’s True Giving initiative, which allows nonprofits to use the company’s demand platform for fundraising and awareness-building purposes.


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