Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Dave Hills on the future of contextual marketing

Given his role, Dave Hills, CEO of Advanced Contextual will have a strong POV on the future of contextual marketing, of course, he’s bullish. His company developed a platform provides publishers and brands with tools to better understand their audiences through content consumption and dynamic intent data. In this segment, Dave notes that demand for contextual marketing has exploded in recent months, how growth will continue in the next 24 months and how interest in contextual marketing will move beyond brands advertising high-consideration/B2B products to mainstream CPG brands.

In the full interview, Dave and I discuss the rebirth of contextual marketing as cookie-based targeting is deprecated, how publishers, who hold first-party data, may be advantaged in this new era, how the success of contextual marketing may move advertising dollars from “walled gardens” to the open web, and other issues relevant to contemporary digital marketing.


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