Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Andrew Hazen – embracing video as a local marketing medium

Video advertising has always been aspirational for local marketers, but production costs and the costs to be on a local broadcast radio station got in the way of those local business’ video dreams.

In my conversation with Andrew Hazen, we discuss how local businesses are embracing video as a marketing medium. Andrew has had a chance to watch and guide the evolution of video in a local context as an agency owner (exited several years ago), domainer, Bagel & Bobble Boss, successful serial entrepreneur & attorney. Andrew is currently building Long Island Media; a portfolio of 200+ Long Island-related domains. As a publisher his teams talk to local businesses all the time about marketing and advertising.

Listen to what Andrew has to say about how existing in many cases existing content assets can be repurposed into video assets, and how consumer expectations concerning production quality have changed to allow more creative experimentation.

In the full-length interview Andrew and I also cover Andrew’s bagel-related ventures, the Long Island jobs market, and other issues related to local marketing on Long Island.


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