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Wait, don’t launch that sweepstakes yet! Jack Paxton @ VYPER Prize Tips

What’s the right prize to offer when you launch your sweepstakes or contest? Find out from Jack Paxton, the Founder of ,a platform which makes it easy for marketers to set-up, launch and gamify online promotions of all sorts.

One of the questions I’ve both asked in the past and done research on is trying to understand the “elasticity of response” among contest/sweepstakes entrants. In layperson’s terms, what’s it gonna take to get someone off their butt and willing to trade their PII (email and/or cell phone) in exchange for the chance to win?

Bigger prizes are exciting, but Jack explains that there is more going in than just an eye on the prize.

If you have any interest in online promotions, contests and sweepstakes, I highly recommend you watch the full interview.

Jack is experienced in customer acquisition and scaling online businesses. We discuss the Viper/Hyax origin story, best practices for running online sweepstakes, how “assisted promotion” provides a powerful promotion paradigm, and other issues related to digital marketing and promotion.


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