Jim McCarthy: Live event marketers must understand the OnlyFans phenomenon

Jim McCarthy

Publishers and live event producers and marketers (particularly those planning to execute hybrid online/offline events) can learn a lot from the OnlyFans phenomenon according to Jim McCarthy, co-Founder and CEO of Goldstar Events and more recently, Stellar Live joined me in a fun podcast.

One of the topics related to the failure of online only or hybrid events being traced to quality of content and quality of user experience. Jim made the apt comparison to a website in the news nonstop for the last month, OnlyFans. The type of content isn’t relevant except to emphasize that there is a lot of it NOT behind a paywall, yet fans choose to pay. Engaging, content that feels special to fans is critical to monetizing virtual events. And the same could be said for online publishing. Subscriptions succeed when the content is differentiated, high quality, and special.

In the rest of the podcast we talked about all the other drivers pushing hybrid and online-only events forward, as well as the origin story for Stellar.