Friday, March 1, 2024
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Steve Silvers – Prepare for the Post-Cookie Era

Marketers got spoiled with the third-party cookie. Any they like to pretend that the cookie-apocalypse is coming as Chrome gets ready to remove the third-party cookie. The reality is that with Safari having been without the third-party cookie for years, marketers should have already moved to prepare for the post-cookie (3rd party) era.

Steve Silvers, Senior Vice President, Product and General Manager for Neustar Marketing Solutions and I talked about how marketers should address the continued depreciation of the third-party cookie and how advertising and media can remain highly targeted and marketers can take this opportunity to build first-party data sets (if they have not already).

In the full length podcast below, Steve observes that too many brands fail to put proper data governance policies in place, which undermines their ability to utilize the real power of data. We also discuss data clean-rooms, data measurement snafus and the future of digital marketing.


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