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Opportunity Costs in Hiring – Workforce Diversity

Successful marketing and advertising rely on great people, in the right roles. More than many other professions, having the wrong person in a role has a significant opportunity cost. A homogenous workforce is more prone to groupthink and views the world through a similar lens. As Dr. Frida Polli, CEO & Co-Founder, pymetrics explains, fear in hiring an unusual candidate results in homogenous workforces.  When you thrive on creativity and the right mix of soft-skills, having the confidence to hire non-cookie-cutter staff is key. In this segment, Frida and I discuss the opportunity cost of a homogenized workforce.

Dr. Frida Polli and I covered a lot more in our interview including how AI can help HR departments consider candidates they might have missed using standard hiring practices. We also discuss how soft-skills are key to many roles and how AI can help rank applicants, predicting success, and improving the diversity of a workforce because the AI is blind to race and other unconscious bias.

The full interview is here:


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