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Beyond the press release – the permanence of PR for SEO

Traditional public relations best practices evolved from a period in time where the press hit was a flash-in-the-pan. You’d get your press hit and that was the end of it. If it was a hit in the press, you’d get a “tear sheet” and buy a few copies of the newspaper or magazine, and that was it.  If it was broadcast news, pre-internet, you’d order a Beta or VHS tape of the clip LOL.

Now PR and Digital PR are forever. Here’s a video I produced while stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. I produced it because one of my websites ranked well for searches around press releases and the ### signifying the end of the press release.

This video goes into the strategic reasons you should think about PR very differently than you may have in the past, and why a team that understands SEO and Social Media should be involved in your PR efforts.

Every PR hit you get is an opportunity to:

  1. get the PR and direct visibility
  2. get another slot in the Google or Bind SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for an important set of keywords
  3. get a link back to your website from the PR hit (not all the time) or at least a partial citation
  4. use your social media to promote the PR hit
  5. pay for boosted social to amplify your PR
  6. a great blog post on your site discussing the PR and perhaps adding commentary
  7. an asset your sales and business development team can use as social proof

Some businesses use the PR for investor relations or HR as well.

PR and visibility is a multi-functional asset, don’t just use it and toss it.


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