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Learning from CMO Mistakes

The average tenure of a corporate CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is now just 43 months – less than half of that of a typical CEO. This statistic doesn’t indicate that the CMO class is any less competent than their brethren elsewhere in the organization; in fact, it reflects more on management’s unrealistic expectations that CMOs can miraculously effect turnarounds – even in cases where marketing isn’t the core problem faced by the organization, or where management doesn’t elect to give the CMO the resources he/she needs to get the job done.

But CMOs aren’t perfect – they make plenty of mistakes, and much can be learned from studying their blunders. Here, then, is a YouTube playlist that identifies where – according to a group of seasoned marketing people – CMOs often go astray.

Steven Baldwin
Steven Baldwinhttp://www.didit.com
Author, Editor, Web Producer, New Yorker. Best known for bird-centric blog: BrookynParrots.com.

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