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Josh Greene, of the Mather Group, on SEO for Wikipedia and the open web

Josh Greene is CEO at The Mather Group, a Washington, DC-based agency providing Online Reputation Management, Wikipedia Consulting, SEO and PPC services. Because Wikipedia is so important for reputational and SEO purposes, and because Josh has deep expertise in best practices regarding Wikipedia, I wanted to ask him some questions about the mistakes that businesses often make regarding it. I also wanted to take a deeper dive into the broader issue of SEO — especially what’s changed about it over the years and what remains the same. As Josh notes, the trend today in SEO is for it to be regarded not so much as a magic solution that will deliver “free” returns, but as a mature discipline fitting into a broader multichannel strategy where quality content is critically important.

“If you write really good content that’s going to be useful you’ll have an advantage over a lot of competitors, because I think that consumers, even if they can’t verbalize it, are very aware of when it’s content that’s written for them or if it’s content that’s written to take up space,” he observes.

Our discussion turns to the question of video content and other non-textual content and the degree to which use these non-textual content formats are being used in SEO. We then discuss the importance of CMO’s viewing SEO holistically, with SEO being viewed as part of a portfolio of investments that include paid media and PR.
We then take a deep dive into SEO for Wikipedia, its central importance for reputation management and SEO and best (and worst) practices for dealing with it.

Then we talk about Twitter, particularly about whether Elon Musk’s takeover of the service is scaring companies using Twitter as a content distribution mechanism, the degree to which revised consumer expectations regarding video production quality is making video content more prevelant, and the importance of thinking about whether video production and deployment plans are actually sustainable.

If you’re interested in the latest trends in SEO and the SEO potential of Wikipedia, I think you’ll find our interview useful.


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