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Neil Wainwright, of UpHabit, on better contact management for Salesforce and other CRMs

Neil Wainwright is Founder and CEO of UpHabit, a Toronto-based software company whose products provide a much better way of managing contacts and relationships than is now possible in Salesforce and other popular CRMs.

I wanted to catch up with Neil because, like many others, I’ve accumulated thousands of professional contacts over the years, and while I’d like to preserve and nurture these relationships, there’s never been an easy way to do so — and I know that I’m not alone.

“Being able to maintain those relationships — that’s not something that something that Salesforce or HubSpot or Pipedrive does — they’re not a relationship app: they’re for closing business and tracking opportunities. And we’re kind of the relationship management side of that,” said Neil.

UpHabit integrates with many popular corporate CRMs today and has plans to do more. “We will build more integratons — we just launched the SalesForce one a couple of weeks ago. As customers approach us and say ‘I need you to do Pipedrive’ or ‘I need you to do HubSpot,’ our answer — and by the way this goes back in my entire career — the answer is always going to be ‘yes.'”

Neil and myself discuss UpHabit’s feature set, which includes the ability to import contacts from social media platforms, set reminders, and take copious notes on each contact. And we touch upon other issues that should be of interest to anyone interested in preventing important relationships from “slipping through the cracks.”


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