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The State of Fandom – Anthony Iaffaldano Shares the Stats

Are you a fan? If you are a fan of something you probably visited Fandom, directly, via a Google search (great SEO) or social share. I had the pleasure of chatting with Anthony Iaffaldano, VP, Sales Marketing & Insights, at Fandom, a company whose mission is to understand, inform, entertain and celebrate fans by building the best entertainment and gaming communities, services and experiences.

Anthony and I discuss the Fandom platform, its recent “State of Fandom” study surveying content consumption patterns, how marketers are using Fandom to reach passionate online communities, and tips for marketers seeking to use Fandom’s many contextual targeting levers for branding and direct response.

The full study is released on December 8th 2021 as part is available at: http://www.fandom.com/state-of-fandom during a LIVE event.

For the complete interview where we get into even more detail on how marketers are using the Fandom platform and tapping the Fandom audience dig deeper.


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