Did Ad Industry Miss the Mark by Failing to Educate Consumers?

Ben Barokas

The Ad-Tech and digital media industry finds itself suddenly saddled with new regulations and privacy initiatives from with the top platforms. I had the pleasure to discuss privacy with Ben Barokas, Co-Founder & CEO, Sourcepoint, the data privacy software company of record for many players within the digital marketing ecosystem. In this segment, Ben discuss the degree to which the ad-tech industry has failed to educate consumers on the necessary trade-offs between privacy and free content/relevant advertising.

The full interview is filled with discussions on a bunch of different topics including: how trust influences data sharing opt-in rates and how that trust translates into higher CPMs, LTV and publisher health. We also discuss whether the Brave Browser (a privacy focused browser which automatically blocks online advertisements and website trackers in its default settings) is likely to solve today’s privacy issues.