Tuesday, July 9, 2024
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David Katz, of Archer Affiliates, on effective affiliate marketing strategies for Amazon

David Katz is Co-Founder and CEO at Archer Affiliates, an agency enabling Amazon sellers to maximize Amazon affiliate earnings through exclusive seller partnerships with influencers and mass media publishers.

Because Amazon is becoming such an important sales channel (and because I own a brand, Truth Nutrition, that sells through Amazon), I was highly interested to learn about how Archer Affiliates works and how its services can benefit other Amazon sellers. Our conversation emphasizes the importance of understanding off-Amazon traffic and leveraging affiliate partnerships, as well as optimizing operations and logistics to maximize potential. We also discuss strategies for brands and publishers to optimize their affiliate marketing efforts with Amazon FBA, including taking a margin hit in the short term and streamlining operations to maximize potential.

Other topics covered in this conversation include:

  • Archer Affiliate’s’ origin story and evolution into a platform for brands to connect with outside marketers creating attribution links.
  • Amazon’s offering of an attribution tool to track off-Amazon traffic and conversions.
  • Amazon’s brand referral bonus, which incentivizes sellers to drive traffic and sales from off Amazon.
  • How sales momentum is important on Amazon, and how Increasing sales velocity on Amazon can lead to higher visibility and incremental sales.
  • The importance of direct communication between brands and affiliates for successful promotions.
  • The importance of deals and promo codes for affiliates, which can enable high conversion rates and consistent sales.
  • Amazon merchants’ choice of promo codes in three categories: social media, deal, and group promo codes.
  • Why brands should invest in off-Amazon traffic and affiliate marketing strategies before it’s too late.


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