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Raechel Lambert, of Olivine, on B2B SaaS product marketing best practices

Raechel Lambert is co-founder of Olivine, a B2B SaaS product marketing agency whose clients include ServiceNow, Meta, Twilio, and LinkedIn. She’s also what she calls the “accidental” creator of All-In Meetups: real-life gatherings that support the popular All-In Podcast.

I wanted to touch base with Raechel to explore both the world of B2B SaaS product marketing — a specialized discipline that works across product developing, marketing, and sales — and her motivations for starting All-In Meetups. Our interview covers many topics, including Olivine’s origin story, whether to market software products when they’re “fully baked” or merely in the “vaporware” stage, and whether in her experience, a scrum/Agile developer environment is good or bad for innovation. Along the way we touch upon the often uneasy relationships obtaining between product teams and product marketing teams, the degree to which software tier pricing is arbitrary, the wisdom of SaaS pricing on a per seat or per usage basis, and the value that product marketers can gain by interacting more deeply with sales teams.

I also wanted to get Rae’s take on marketing that her own agency uses to promote its own business, and get her thoughts on the value of generative AI in her own practice and explore the parallels between optimizing for AI systems and traditional SEO optimization for the Google SERP.

Our conversation concludes with a discussion of how Raechel wound up organizing All-In Meetups, and her hopes for these in-person events in 2023 and beyond.


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