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David L. Deutsch, of Deutsch & Associates, on writing better Direct Response copy

I was greatly pleased to recently chat with David L. Deutsch about the challenges of writing compelling, effective copy. David is an Ogilvy & Mather alumnus who for the past several decades has been specializing in writing direct response copy. Today he’s an internationally-renowned copy coach, consultant, and the author of several books and courses teaching copywriters how to improve their craft. His frequently updated blog is a flowing fountain of ideas for anyone seeking to improve their copywriting or struggling to defeat writer’s block.

David and I touched on many issues in our talk that I hope are of interest to the eMarketing Association audience, including the particular challenge of writing effective B2B copy, the future of long form copywriting, the role of emotion in effective copywriting, and the continued relevance of direct mail and direct mail copywriting. We also discuss the particular creative qualities of screenwriters and standup comedians and the degree to which these qualities can be leveraged for copywriting.

In the clip below, David offers some great tips for aspiring copywriters:

The complete interview with David is embedded below and I’d encourage you to watch the whole thing. I guarantee that you’ll learn something new that will change the way you think about the copywriting craft and will likely learn some valuable tips that can improve your own copywriting.


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