Friday, May 24, 2024
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Space Jam #2 and the use of humor in advertising

Hunter Fine’s recent adventure into Space Jam (Recipe #2)… See below… brought him to my attention, but he’s a skilled copywriter and creative director. So, we had a conversation about a variety of topics including brands and humor and giving creative license to actors and influencers.

If you didn’t catch all the fuss about Space Jam 2 (not the movie, the blackberry/raspberry blend of Jam that looks great on a baguette due to the constellation patterns formed by the seeds), then catch the full interview which starts with the segment where we talk about what happens when Warner Brother’s forgets to register a domain.

Interestingly, I looked up the domain registration for and someone using Dreamhost as their registrar (anonymously) has that domain parked. So, Hunter and his business partner Peter Marquis might have given Warner Brother’s a cheaper option of a domain to acquire (minus the jam business). Worst case, they are now in the jam business.


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