Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Pizza, Politics Pete, The Donald and Marketing

Sometimes a pizza says a lot. Politicians seem drawn to pizza, and for Pete Buttigieg, there’s an alliteration to be had… So, when I got a Facebook ad for a “Pizza with Pete” (I happen to like him, a few years ago he would be considered a centrist), I clicked.

Ends up the pizza in the Pizza with Pete landing page is circular, but cut in squares (which would be very unusual in NYC).  The picture caused me to smile and think back to the NYC pizza fiasco, when Trump took Sara Palin to a pizza place, not a “true” NYC pizza place given that Famiglia Pizza places are all over, but… Well, John Stewart tells it best

The point is the imagery in marketing conveys a lot and it’s challenging for marketing teams and creative directors to understand all the ways an image might evoke a response from their target audience.

We’ve all seen advertising imagery that to us just wasn’t right. In my case, I’ll eat pizza subject to local custom, so, if I’m having pizza in South Bend, little squares are OK. Chicago, it’s deep-dish. If it’s on the final taping of Celebrity Apprentice (where I met Trump), I’ll eat it NY style (but not Trump-style based on the video above, double layered with a knife and fork…)

When you do your marketing and adverting photo shoots, think about the “pizza factor” which is really about everyone having their own norms.


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