Thursday, May 28, 2020
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The traditional binary distinction between “white hat” (completely legal/approved by Google) and “black hat” (against Google’s guidelines; possibly against the law) SEO is being increasingly muddied by the emergence of “Grey Hat SEO,” a sprawling, heterogeneous, and rapidly evolving body of "below the radar" optimization methods. To get a better grasp of some of the Grey Hat tactics that...
There's no question that an important part of your demographic uses digital media. And if you can precisely identify where your most profitable customers "live" online, what their interests are, and how what your company does fits in with what these people want when they're in the mood to purchase something, you can do very well. But while digital marketing...
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Content marketing is getting a bit more respect these days, but the battle isn’t over. Many marketers continue to be skeptical about the discipline's ability to deliver the same kind of tangible ROI that other media initiatives can. If you’re fighting a pitched battle attempting to convince skeptical senior managers that your content marketing indicatives are budget-worthy, here are...
Every marketer wants conversions: form fill-outs, phone calls, shopping cart purchases, but marketers also need to pay attention to “micro-conversions:” these are actions taken by users that fall short of a primary conversion but may indicate a level of interest sufficient to track and optimize around. Measuring microconversions is a straight-ahead matter for marketers running Google Analytics, which provides a...
Mike Miller, Google’s Director of Industrial Markets, had some interesting things to say about current trends in B2B marketing in an interview posted to Miller’s comments were based on recent data surfaced from a study jointly conducted by Google and, a web analytics firm. Here are some highlights of this study; they should be of interest to anyone...
In November, 2010, at Ad:Tech New York, Didit interviewed Johan Grundin, Interactive Marketing Manager at Saab. Discussion topics included generating consumer demand for automobile products in a recessionary economy, display ad retargeting, language issues on the Web, user engagement issues, and the complexity of marketing in a global marketplace.
In November, 2010, Didit interviewed Bruce Clay, CEO, Bruce Clay Inc., at Ad:Tech New York. Discussion topics included differntiating the organic algorithms of search engines, changes to the local SERP (Search Engine Results Page), personalization and SEO, and the interaction of social media and SEO.
In November of 2010, at Ad:Tech New York, Didit's Kevin Lee interviewed Ari N. Rothman, Attorney at Law at Venable, LLP, a nationally-ranked law firm. Discussion topics focused on important legal issues that e-marketers need be aware of, including privacy issues. Mr. Rothman also discusses common legal mistakes made by e-marketers.
In November, 2010, Didit interviewed AT&T Business Development Director Maria Kermath, at Ad:Tech New York. Discussion topics included the interscection of local and mobile advertising, local advertising for small business, local paid listing models, and social media marketing.
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In October, 2010, Didit interviewed Maria Mandel, AT&T's Vice President, Media & Marketing, Innovation. Discussion topics include "over the top" content consumption patterns, addressible advertising, mistakes often made by CMOs with respect to online media and marketing, mobile commerce, the intersection of local and mobile media, and the best methods to use when evaluating new forms of media that...