Friday, March 1, 2024


Chase Bethea, music composer, on creating music for the video game industry

The video game industry represents a large and growing market for music composers and creators. Analysts have pegged its worldwide size at above $1.3...

Solomon McCluster, of, on the evolution of the Multi-Level Marketing/Direct Selling industry

Solomon McCluster runs, a site providing various services, including consultation, strategy development, and implementation and monitoring to the Direct Selling industry. He's also the...


Megan Cunningham, of Magnet Media, on the power of strategic storytelling

Megan Cunningham is CEO and Founder of Magnet Media, a global brand content studio. Prior to founding Magnet Media, Megan worked in production at...

Christopher Kenna, of Brand Advance Group, on reaching underserved audiences

Christopher Kenna is CEO and Founder at Brand Advance Group, a company whose mission is to "help the worlds largest Brands & Agencies reach...

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Julie Roehm on customer experience, marketing innovation & business transformation

My guest, Julie Roehm, needs no introduction for anyone who's been paying attention to the evolution and transformation of advertising and marketing in the...


Greg Gifford is an experienced SEO consultant who has presented on the topic of local SEO at dozens of high-profile industry events. He’s currently...


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