Tuesday, July 9, 2024
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Laurie McGrath, of Momentus Technologies, on B2B marketing best practices for the events industry and beyond

Laurie McGrath is CMO at Momentus Technologies, a company providing end-to-end venue and event management solutions, including event booking software, ERP software, financial accounting software, event registration software, and room booking software. Prior to arriving at Momentus, Laurie served as CMO at international supply chain firm Tecsys, where she led the company’s global rebranding and integrated digital marketing efforts.

I wanted to chat with Laurie to discuss how the Momentus platform manages venues for various industries, from higher education to corporate events, and get her take on marketing best practices for B2B marketers in the events category as well as in other industrial sectors. I also wanted to quiz her about the state of the events industry today, which has experienced a powerful post-COVID comeback. Along the way we cover a wide range of issues of interest to B2B marketers, including:

  • The importance of creating seamless experiences for both venue staff and event producers.
  • The challenges of selling to committee-based decision makers in B2B marketing.
  • The importance of selling a vision and need for end-to-end venue management platforms.
  • How post-COVID events have returned to pre-pandemic norms.
  • The evolution of the marketing mix for b2b marketers, including education and demand harvesting.
  • How Laurie’s team leverages Intent data to identify viable leads earlier in the funnel.
  • Why video content is increasingly crucial for B2B clients, even for categories where video wouldn’t ordinarily seem important.
  • The continued viability of direct mail as a marketing channel.
  • The value of scoring leads and considering LTV implications in B2B marketing.
  • The importance of establishing a well-defined ICP and regularly updating it based on sales feedback.
  • Why B2B marketers need to work together with sales and avoid silos and prioritize bold experiments over “playing it safe.”
  • The importance of PR in marketing, particularly in the context of achieving visibility in AI chatbots.


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