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Nisarg Shah, of, on the future of Influencer Marketing

There’s no question that using influencers in one’s marketing campaigns can break through the clutter, especially in an era in which many web users employ ad blockers. But finding and managing influencers — especially when one is using a lot of them — can present big challenges for brands who’ve never used the influencer marketing channel before.

I recently chatted with Nisarg Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of, a data-driven influencer marketing platform. Brands such as Huawei, Shopee, Estee Lauder, Pomelo Fashion etc. have used to run end-to-end influencer campaigns. In our talk, we discuss the current state of influencer marketing and social commerce and how’s platform can simplify finding and managing influencers.

We also discuss the fear that some with large social followings have about participating in an influencer marketing program. Some fears arise at the platform level (reduced organic reach) or in connection with concerns that the influencer might run afoul of regulatory agencies (as recently happened with Kim Kardashian) or the perception that they’re “selling out.” As Nisard observes, clear policies from brands governing disclosure requirements are vital for ensuring that trust between influencer and audience prevails.

In the complete interview below, we discuss’s origin story, how lessons gained from experience with performance-based affiliates can inform influencer marketing, best practices for brands seeking to conduct successful influencer campaigns, and other issues germane to influencer marketing and social commerce.


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