Sunday, June 23, 2024
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“Look at the long game” with influencer marketing – Kent J Lewis

How authentic is your influencer? The advocates out there representing your brand must pass the sniff test.

I had a chance to chat with Kent J. Lewis, CMO of DEKSIA, a Portland, Oregon-based marketing agency about best practices in influencer marketing. We discussed the rise of influencer marketing category. Authentic voices are really important to serve as brand evangelists.

Kent is a frequent speaker at industry events such as Digital Summit, he teaches quarterly workshops for SCORE, and is a contributing writer for SmartBrief, Business Journals, ThinkNW and SEMpdx.

In the full interview, Kent and I discuss the convergence of earned and paid media, the continued viability of SEO as a marketing channel, the role of influencer marketing in a holistic marketing plan, the growing importance of the metaverse and gaming environments as marketing channels, and other issues relevant to advertising and digital marketing.


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