Shailin Dhar and Marc Goldberg on “gaming” the adtech ecosystem with IVT


We like to think that the ad-tech ecosystem is doing all it can to weed out IVT (Invalid Traffic). They call it IVT even if the media is purchased on a CPM because the traffic at the publisher where the ad impression occurs is invalid…

Shailin Dhar and Marc Goldberg from Method Media Intelligence (MMI) had completed extensive research into IVT not only within the programmatic display ecosystem but also the video / CTV ecosystem and they shared with me in this fascinating discussion how the system continues to be “gamed” and not enough is being done to protect advertisers.

In addition in the full interview (highly recommended) we discussed how only census-level data sets can accurately gauge the impact that IVT is having on an advertiser campaign. We also discuss how measurement, validity, viewability and brand safety are increasingly intertwined.